Benefits Of Laser Spa Social Media Marketing

Are your a laser hair removal spa? And are you on social media? Great. You are right to be. There are many benefits to laser spa social media marketing.

Simply because it is the place to be. Where the cool kids hang. Not that I am cool. Quite the opposite. But, what can you do.

You go where your customers are.

Yes, even if you are a small business or a local laser spa. Social media is very precise now. It is much easier to micro-target. And reach your ideal audience.

Do you have an established social presence? Or are you just starting out? Does not matter. Either way, social media will bring a lot to your laser hair removal business.

Sharing content that showcase your expertise

Laser hair removal is quite the popular skincare service these days. Why would you shave or wax while you could just be rid of your hair forever?

It is a service people are looking for. Prospective clients also want to know one thing. That the laser spa they choose comes highly recommended.

And that it employs highly experienced laser technicians. After all, laser hair removal is a serious procedure. You do not want just anyone to perform it.

People may also be curious as per how a session goes. Laser hair removal is a fairly new hair removal treatment. A lot of people still do not really know what it entails.

What do they need? A preview, a show of expertise. They want to see valuable content that is reflective of what a laser session is.

This goes beyond written content and informative posts. Especially on social networks like Instagram. Use videos on your social media platforms.

Take Infinity Laser Spa for example. Content on Instagram is both informative, culturally relevant and engaging. It is mostly based on video content.

The laser spa invites influencers to review their services. Sessions are filmed, including treatments and testimonials. Then, the content is used on social media.

It gives a pretty good insight into what a session looks like. And how a treatment goes. Followers find those videos oddly satisfying too.

And seeing videos of laser sessions put prospective patients at ease. It also confirms the laser hair removal spa’s expertise.

Increasing brand awareness

The greatest benefits of laser spa social media marketing? Its ability to increase brand awareness. Nearly half of the world’s population is using at least one social network.

It is a natural place to reach new and highly targeted potential customers. Simply because it is not only existing customers that connect with brands on social media.

Turns out, 60% of Instagram users say they discover new products on the platform.

Not all platforms need to be part of your social media marketing strategy. Just a few. That must be used to establish your online presence. And reach more targeted audiences.

Did you know? Customers are less likely to hire a brand if they have never heard of it. Or that does not have a presence on the internet.

What if they spotted the brand on social media? Well, that changes everything. Using different social media channels allows your laser spa to be in front of more people.

This can significantly increase your website traffic. And drive people to take action. Brand awareness must be paired with recognition however.

You need to give prospective customers and new followers a way to remember you. You need to be memorable.

How does that happen? With a strong and strategically placed branding. Use your logo in place of profile photo. Create a cover photos that aligns with your business branding.

Stick to a color theme. Decide on a color palette early on. That you will use across all your social media and content marketing.

One thing to remember. Your Instagram profile should always be public. Otherwise users will not be able to find you. Either through the search feature or hashtag.

Wanna increase brand awareness? And reach? Make sure everybody can find you.

Getting inbound traffic to your website

Social media can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Each platform will do so in a different way of course. Take Facebook and Instagram.

Posts on the former can include links. How about on Instagram? Unfortunately not. You can still get website visitors coming from Instagram though.

You are a local laser spa. One top thing you want? Give prospective patients every opportunity to go to your website.

How do you get people to your website then?

With engaging, insightful and relevant posts. They could focus on your business, your industry or your services. Or even other related and relevant topics.

On Instagram, you can use carousels to showcase blog posts. Use the last slide to encourage followers to go to your website. Make sure the link in bio works.

If you have grown over 10k followers on Instagram, even better! You will have the swipe up feature. Thus, you can post stories that drives people to your website.

Other social media posts like Facebook and Twitter should always include a link. And relevant hashtags for Twitter. One click through can go a long way.

When used right, social media is a key way to drive traffic to your laser hair removal spa business website.

They are great platforms to share and promote new blog posts, content and current promotions. You want to poke your follower’s curiosity.

Give them some content, but not all of it. They need to want to know more. Then, they will click to your website.

Offering better customer service

Customer service can make or break businesses. Especially small businesses. That is why it is so essential you pay extra attention.

Marketing your laser spa goes through social media. For sure. It is great for brand awareness, promotions and website traffic.

One other thing is it amazing at? Customer service. Social media allows you to offer better customer service to your existing and prospective patients.

Social media provides a direct way to communicate with your audience.

Some of your laser hair removal spa patients will for example DM on Instagram. Instead of calling your front desk to cancel an appointment.

Prospective patients will also DM to ask for information. Simply because it is fast, easy and convenient.

Some people are phone-shy and don’t like to call. Opening your DMs to customer service overcome that problem.

Social media is a two way street. Sure, followers will get in touch with you. You also need to be swift in your replies.

Users expects to get an answer within five minutes. People expect you to be available on social media. They want to know that they can rely on you.

Ask for help and get a reply when they need it. Social media makes the process easier. And offers a seamless customer experience, when done right.

SEO and social media work together to boost your laser spa’s online visibility. It all goes down to using the right platforms. And creating the right content.

First of all, social media can help with brand search. If someone types in the name of your spa, you will see several results. Your website, to start with.

Maybe some other pages from your website. Those which are relevant to the search. But also, your social media.

Because at the end of the day, your name is also on your social media. And therefore, the Google algorithm will pull that up in the search results.

Thus, a social media presence will blanket brand search results with your name.

Those links show that you have a wide online presence. Beyond your website that is. Visitors are then more likely to click.

Remember? They are less likely to trust you if you do not have a social media presence.

Second, your social media posts could show in search results. This involves performing extensive keyword search first. You need to create optimized content.

When the content is ready, you can share it on your social platforms. As a medical spa, you can share blog posts.

When a reader click on the link, they are brought back to your website. Then, they have the potential to become a customer.

Social media posts like tweets and pins are also searchable. This means that such posts can show in Google search results for a specific topic.

Optimize your pins for SEO. Use keywords in your tweets.

Building your online reputation

As a laser spa, you need good reviews. They are a social proof. The confirmation that your service is good and worth it.

Think about it when you market your laser hair removal spa. Yourself would not trust products and services that get a lot of bad reviews.

Reviews serve as social proof, testimonials and referrals. Especially via word of mouth. It is a positive experience that will get an existing patients to refer a new customer.

Online reputation management must be part of your social media marketing plan. You will need to address negative feedback. And highlight positive ones.

Why not repost a positive Yelp review on your Instagram for example?

Reputation management is an every day task. You need to be accessible and reply in real time. Users expect you to do so.

Customers speak about you on social media. This regardless of whether you reply or not. Keep an eye open so that you can pick up important posts.

And do so to address negative feedbacks as soon as possible. Before it turns into a major issue. Tell your side of the story. Always in a polite, professional way.

On the other hand, always highlight the positive. Again, repurpose reviews that patients drop on Yelp or Google.

Is someone singing your praises? Send them plenty of thanks and draw attention to their kind words.

Generating leads and boosting sales

Last but not least. Laser spa social media marketing is great for generating leads. And boosting sales. Which is something you want of course.

Social media offers an easy and low-commitment way for potential customers to express interest in your laser hair removal services.

Your laser hair removal spa can rely on both organic and paid leads. Organic leads will find you through your content and hashtags. Or even name.

They will not cost you a cent.

Paid leads come from social media ads. Many social networks offer advertising formats specifically designed to collect leads.

Ads can drive traffic to your website. Or put your brand in front of people who will be interest. And would not have found your laser spa otherwise.

Now, more leads increase your likeliness of selling. The good thing is, you can sell anything on social media.

Your laser spa social media are a critical part of your sales funnel. Which is process through which a new contact becomes a customer.

Social media are ever growing. Thus, social sales tools are evolving. Social networks are becoming more and more important for product search and e-commerce.

Just look at Instagram shopping and checkout for example.

Social media must be part of your sales strategy. Your laser hair removal spa need to find a way to incorporate social media within your wider marketing strategy.

Especially as 86% of women prefer to use social media for purchasing advice. And that 60% of people claim they find new products on Instagram.

Key takeaway

Laser spa social media marketing has a lot of benefits. First of all, it is free. Thus, you will not need to dedicate a big budget to your strategy.

Second, social media are great to share your expertise. They are a front window to your business. What you do, what your services are.

Social media marketing helps you get social proof. And manage your online reputation.

Finally, a strong content and social media strategy will help your laser hair removal business generate more leads. And boost sales.

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