Sneaker Consignment Marketplace

The fastest growing consignment marketplace for all types of sneakers.

Halftime Kickx is a new consignment marketplace for sneakers based in New York City. They source the best, rarest kicks on the marketing. Halftime Kickz is the place to get the sneaker everyone wants, but nobody can find.




Fashion Sneakers

Project Duration

2020 - Present


Website, 360 Digital Marketing, Product Photography



The Challenge

The sneaker market is saturated with big names and very harsh competition.

The biggest challenge that Halftime Kickz faced was to find an audience that would be interested in the product, be able to afford it and trust the brand to be the right place to buy sneakers.

The sneaker industry is a tough one to get into. The problem of fakes and replicas is one thing. The competition is another. Halftime Kickz needed to get their product in front of the right audience at the right time.

Highlighting a transparent sourcing and authentication process allowed us to establish trust between the brand and customers.

What We Did

"The sneaker industry is a tough market to crack. Halftime Kick needed to start from the ground up."


Website. Completely redesigned halftimekickz.com and deployed Shopify as the e-commerce solution. This ensured the best customer experience, with privacy and security always in mind.


Social media. We built and implemented a social media strategy based on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest to ensure the brand reached all corners of the web.


Performance marketing. We set up a digital ads campaign targeted at the brand’s ideal customer. We continually analyzed results from Google, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest ads to ensure we marketed products people wanted.

The Result

Over 30,000 viewer sessions per month in under 3 months. A highly targeted customer based. Consistent online interest and growing awareness.

Halftime Kickz is an ambition that produced encouraging results early on in our strategy implementation. Not only does the website process tens of thousands of sessions each month, but conversion rates are constantly improving.

Some statistics:
-685,000+ website page views within six months
-25,000 Facebook followers within six months
-45% revenue increase month on month

Halftime Kickz is a great example of what Happy Shark Media can do to create a brand from scratch, place it in front of the right audience at the right time and increase online awareness exponentially.

"Happy Shark Media did what everyone said was impossible."

"Cannot create a brand in under a year, must have years of traffic to gather enough data to convert, can't target sneaker heads without industry contacts. Happy Shark Media did what everyone said was impossible."

— Halftime Kickz


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