Infinity Laser Spa

Laser Hair Removal Spa

New York City’s #1 laser spa offering services to thousands of patients.

Infinity Laser Spa is a top laser center in New York City. It is the go-to for permanent hair removal. Conveniently located, the spa offers top laser treatments with amazing results.


Personal Care


Laser Hair Removal

Project Duration

2019 - Present


Website, 360 Digital Marketing


WooCommerce, Physical, Groupon

The Challenge

Infinity Laser Spa faced two challenges:

Prospective client’s hesitation when it comes to trusting laser hair removal to be safe; and building online visibility for a service that usually is not sold online.

Laser hair removal is a very safe and efficient way to remove unwanted body hair. However, it is not common knowledge. The procedure suffers from a lot of misconception. Infinity Laser Spa needed content that offered patients in-depth understanding of laser hair removal and that would increase trust in the brand.

Furthermore, Infinity Laser Spa was heavily dependent on Groupon and wished to move away from the platform, creating a completely new income stream. The spa needed a website that is mobile-friendly, fast to lead and SEO friendly to increase visibility online.

What We Did

Trust. It is the #1 way to improve brand awareness and sales. This is especially true if the service you sell suffers from myths and misconceptions.


Website: Happy Shark Media developed a website that is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and informative. The theme has a high-end and luxury feel, in line with the product the spa sells.


Social media and content: Happy Shark Media grew Infinity Laser Spa’s social channels to improve their online presence. The content focuses on skincare tips and tricks, laser hair removal facts and promotional offers. Social media are now an essential part of the spa’s customer service.


SEO and local marketing: Infinity Laser Spa is based in NYC with a clientele based within a ten mile radius. Local advertising and SEO increased the spa’s visibility in the metro area.

The Result

A schedule fully booked weeks ahead. Tons of positive reviews from customers. An stronger online presence.

Infinity Laser Spa is a big name in the laser hair removal niche in New York City. Happy Shark Media expanded the target audience of the spa, reached new prospective clients, improved website traffic and increased revenue.

Some statistics:
-175% increase in website users
-159% increase in website sessions
-108% increase in ranking keywords
-425% increase in website revenue

Infinity Laser Spa is the perfect example of Happy Shark Media’s ability to strengthen an existing brand to take it to the next level, increase all vital business statistics and boost revenue.

"First time customers already trust our process!"

"We struggled to establish an online presence and increase revenue outside of platforms such as Groupon. The lack of information on laser hair removal also made potential patients hesitant to try our alser service. Happy Shark Media created a presence online and first time customers already trusted our process!"

— Infinity Laser Spa

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