MedSpa Marketing Ideas For A Laser Hair Removal Business

Are you a laser hair removal spa owner? And looking for MedSpa marketing ideas? Look no further. At Happy Shark Media, we’ve got what you need!

Promoting and marketing your spa is essential. To raise awareness of your service, get more people interested and increase revenue.

It requires work and research. The good news is, MedSpa marketing does not require big budgets or ad spend. No, it can be done organically very efficiently.

Below are seven MedSpa marketing ideas that will help take your laser hair removal business to the next level!

Create a page for each laser service

Laser hair removal has been around since the 1990s. Yet, it still remains a mystery for many. Myths and misconceptions are aplenty.

As a customer, how do you know what is true? And what is not? One website says A. The next says B. Lack of information will not convince you to buy a service.

No, you need to find out more. Especially when it comes to a cosmetic procedure. After all, it is no small thing. Which is why it is performed in a medical spa.

As opposed to waxing for example. Which you can do at home. You apply wax, you remove the stripe. Your hair is gone. For some weeks.

Laser hair removal is a bit more complicated.

You want to know how it works. How you can incorporate laser hair removal treatments into your daily routine. What you can and cannot do before and after.

Prospective patients also wish to know of potential side effects. How it removes body hair and impacts hair growth.

Does it work on any skin color? Potential patients want and need information. Otherwise, how can they make a decision? And purchase from you?

That is why you need to create a page for each laser service. Your website content must go beyond the basic explanatory page.

Yes, a full page on laser hair removal is great. But it does not really tell you much about the treatment areas. Which is what interests people.

Sure, some patients do go for full body laser hair removal. Yet, most will select a few areas. The underarms or the full legs for example.

So, they need to know what exactly those laser services entail. How long the underarm takes. The size of the area. When to expect results. The specificity of that service.

This allows for transparency. Your customer knows what to expect. Plus, it is great for SEO. You are more likely to rank for a long-tail keyword such as “underarms laser hair removal” than just “laser hair removal”.

Do not focus solely on that specific treatment area though. Add essential information about laser hair removal. How it works, if it hurts, etc.

You can also embed a video of the treatment. This allows customers to see exactly how the treatment works. Give customers all the reasons to choose your MedSpa.

Offer seasonal promotions

Who doesn’t like a discount? Laser hair removal is a pricey service. Customers usually buy a package that they pay upfront. This can deter some prospects.

Don’t know what your MedSpa can do about that? Well, offer seasonal promotions. For Valentine’s Day or Black Friday for example.

You can also build a campaign calendar for your Medical Spa. Look at key dates and consumer behavior. People are ready to spend during Black Friday.

Advertising smaller prices helps achieve multiple MedSpa marketing goals. First, it captures the attention of prospective patients.

Discounts and price reductions can help convince cost-conscious customers. This can be enough to get them to try a treatment.

Then, they discover how effective laser hair removal can be. Which means customers would return for more.

They need to know that the procedure works. Once they do, they will be less hesitant to buy packages at the normal price.

Seasonal promotions are great. Yet, your MedSpa marketing strategy should not overuse them. Otherwise, people will buy from you only during promotions.

Sales and offers should always be short in time. Run them for a few days or weeks. Create a feeling of emergency when the end of the sale comes closer.

A strong FOMO will make people buy. Share promotions on your website and all other marketing platforms. This will ensure they are seen everywhere.

Set up email marketing campaigns

Your MedSpa needs email marketing. Raising an eyebrow there? We get it. For many, email marketing is dead. To us? Absolutely not!

We think that it has great potential. And that your laser hair removal spa can really benefit from it. Emails are great for conversions and customer retention.

It cost more to acquire a new customer than to up-sell to an existing one. That is where email is great. It is a cheap marketing tool that will help you make the most of your existing clientele.

Did you know? For $1 spend, email marketing generates $44. As a small business with a small marketing budget, this is great news.

How do you even starts? Well, pick an email marketing software. They are plenty on the market. Some famous ones include Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

Now, how do you gather emails? You give your customers the opportunity to sign up. Set up a popup sign up form on the homepage.

It will show after five seconds. Give an incentive to encourage sign ups. What about a 15% off welcome discount?

As you grow your email list, you can gauge interest. Softwares such as Klaviyo will segment your list based on customer history, likeliness to buy, etc.

This can help you create email campaigns that are more tailored to each group of subscribers.

Build an email campaign calendar. Are there specific dates you wish to offer a promotion on? Like Valentine’s Day? Emails are a great way to promote sales.

Work on the subject title and preview. Entice people to open your email. Make sure your design is clean and visually appealing.

Use a strong and striking call-to-action. This will increase the chances that subscribers click to your website. A weekly email can go a long way.

Emails can make a big different in your laser hair removal spa marketing strategy. They can really help promote your spa and increase your revenue.

Optimize Google My Business

Are you a laser hair removal spa? Chances are you are also a local business. Thus, your audience is already close to you.

Marketing your spa mostly goes through search engine optimization and local targeting. That is where Google My Business is great.

It is a local online presence tool. Make sure you build a GMB listing early on. Your profile will show in search results for your spa.

Because a Google My Business profile compiles all your information, it makes finding you easier. People have all the tools in hand to contact you.

You will add your contact details of course. But also the services or products you offer. You can post updates, offers and photos on a daily basis.

Remember that 46% of search of a local intent. This is why GMB is so important. It increase visibility for you spa business. Locally. And when users perform a search.

But that is not all. Google My Business offers even more features. A big one is the messaging capabilities. You’ll need the mobile app though.

It gives prospective and existing patients another mean of communication to you. People can get in touch through messages.

This is great for those who are phone why.

Google My Business also provides social proof. How? Because customers can drop reviews. 90% of users actually do read reviews online.

Positive reviews can go a long way. Especially as people are more likely to trust testimonials over any other form of advertising.

They want confirmation that are delivering on your promises. That your laser treatments are effective. So, of course, reviews work great here.

Plus, Google likes reviews. If you get more reviews, your rating increases too. Users can see that. That is how you increase traffic to your website and leads.

Be on social media

Everybody is on social media these days. For many different reasons. As a local business, being on social media provides a few advantages.

First of all, it helps market your laser hair removal spa. Why? Because it provides some visibility. People can find you on social media.

Of course, your content must be relevant to what you do. It must provide value too. The laser spa industry does it very well.

Post videos of the treatments for example. People are nosy. They want to see what happens behind closed doors. A video of a laser treatment does just that.

Posts advice, tips and tricks as well as fun facts. The more people know about your service, the better. Use hashtags relevant to your niche. This is how people interested in laser hair removal will find you.

Social media are also great for customer service. People expect businesses to be available on social network. They will get in touch via comments or DMs.

Ensure quick and fast. Add your contact information, phone number and email included. So that people can get in touch straight through social apps.

Social media are also great for SEO. Why? Because they provide backlinks. And because branded social media will allow you to blanket search results with your name.

This means that even if someone spells your name wrong, all your platforms will pop up. Social media are good for authority and traffic.

As a small business trying to market your laser spa, they are crucial to your digital strategy. First, social media are free. The only investment is time.

Second, they have a big reach. Even locally. Because literally anyone can find your content.

Third, because your content is specific to your niche, people who will find you are already interested in what you offer.

Generate guides on laser hair removal

How much do your clients know about laser hair removal? Not much. You are an expert, you are good. Former clients will know too. But the general population?

They probably have thousand questions. And doubts. After all, laser hair removal is subject to a lot of misconceptions.

And what do you do when you have a question? You google it. And hope to find an answer there. See the opportunity?

Providing both informative content about a procedure and the associated service? Two birds with one stone!

Your website is your MedSpa’s number one marketing asset. It helps people find you. But it can also help educate people. Educative traffic drives traffic.

If you write valuable content, you are more likely to look like an expert. If you do, people are more likely to trust you. Then, they are more likely to buy from you.

Educate prospective patients about the services you offer. Link those blog posts to the actual service page. So that they can buy it.

How can you know what to write about? Check Reddit and Quora. This is where people usually ask questions. Then, write blog posts based on those questions.

It will help with SEO and keyword ranking. Blog posts will also help with increasing traffic. Turns out, people have a lot of questions regarding laser hair removal.

How it works. If it hurts. How long it takes. When do results show. If it is actually permanent. Whether everybody can do it. Etc.

You can educate prospects on services they are currently interested in. As well as services they are not aware of yet. Or other lifestyle related topics.

Blog posts help establish credibility.

High quality posts can also help you get backlinks. For example, someone writes an article on laser hair removal. They need sources. And find your content.

If they cite you, they link back to your website. That is one backlink for you. If their site has a strong domain authority, your authority will increase by association.

And Google loves that!

Utilize influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is great at creating brand awareness. And improving sales. Thus, it can really help boost awareness for your business and increase revenue.

Did you know? 86% of women use social media for purchase advice. In 2017, for $1 spent, influencer marketing generated $7.65. 60% of people find new products on Instagram.

You get it. There is potential. Yes, even for your MedSpa. Marketing your MedSpa can also go through working with influencers.

However, promoting a local business will be slightly different. It will require more research. Especially if you just have one local branch.

First of all, you will need to find local influencers. We advice focusing on Instagram and Youtube influencers. As well as bloggers.


Bloggers will try your service. They will then write an in-depth review. That review will describe exactly what you are about.

And whether your service is good. Plus, it will give you backlinks. And online mentions. Which, again, Google loves.

Instagrammers have a more immediate purpose. They will help create awareness and increase your reach. Through stories, reels and feed posts.

As for Youtube influencers, they create long-form content. Their followers are actively engaging with the content. They are involved.

Which is great for product placement. Viewers are more likely to pay attention. Plus, Youtube videos are evergreen content.

The videos will always be there. To be search for. And found.

When sourcing influencers, make sure they are local to your business. That is the whole point after all. Vet them thoroughly. Their followers must be genuine.

There are a few ways to do so. Socialblade and HypeAuditor are great tools in that sense. Do you see follow/unfollow patterns or suspicious growth? That is a big no.

Look at the engagement rate too. And the quality of the content. You want the content to be attractive and visually pleasing. Especially if you wish to re-purpose it on your own channels.

Ask for a breakdown of their audience. If you are located in New York City, it would make sense to work for a New York based bloggers whose audience is also mainly in NYC.

To sum up, influencer marketing is great to increase brand awareness. It helps spreading the word about your business and expose your brand to more people.

It can get you in front of new prospective customers. Which can help increase your revenue. As a laser hair removal spa, you want influencers to film their sessions.

That is content that you can use on your own social media. Which shows exactly how the procedure goes. Influencer can also give you testimonials.

Key takeaway

There are plenty of MedSpa marketing ideas you can use to promote your laser hair removal business. And this, in an organic way.

Which means you will not need big budget or high ad spend. No. Most of those technics are organic and have high returns on investment.

SEO, social media and influencer marketing are great to create awareness. Email marketing and campaigns will help increase conversion rate.

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