The Most Common Website Mistakes Affecting Your SEO In 2020

Search engine optimization is not a quick fix. It is a long-term project. Even when you think you are done, you still have work to do. Why? Because the internet is in a constant state of change. Your competition, keyword ranking, algorithms, website mistakes, you need to keep an eye on a lot of things to keep up with SEO.

Indeed, what works today may not work tomorrow. Website optimization is crucial to good SEO. However, even despite your best effort, you can come across website mistakes. Why? Because as we send already, digital is always changing. An optimized website might no longer be after a change in algorithm or a plugin update.

Unfortunately, website mistakes are detrimental to your SEO score. They can make you lose traffic, authority or ranking. Which of course does not work in favor of your business. Worry not, businesses big and small do face website mistakes. What matters is that you spot them, understand them and find a solution.

The 3 most common website mistakes affecting SEO in 2020

Sitechecker actually conducted an audit of 52,000 websites and checked 6,000,000 pages to determine what were the most common website mistakes they encountered. They divided websites in four brackets by SEO score performance. They found out that only 5% had a score above 90. On the other hand, 53% had a score between 50 and 90 while 25% were between 20% and 50%.

The huge proportion of okay to low SEO scores highlights the fact that regardless of business size, many websites have a lot of mistakes. Therefore, now may be the right time to take a look at your web strategy, check your website for SEO mistakes, fix or prevent them, and be on the top of Google.

SEO mistakes to pay attention to in 2020

The most common website mistakes come into three types:

  • Critical errors (they have the biggest impact on your website’s SEO)
  • Warnings (they are less impactful errors that can still ruin your SEO)
  • Notices (They are recommendations to follow)

Amongst most popular SEO erros for each type of error, we find:

  • Critical errors: missing title, missing H1 tag, missing meta-description
  • Warnings: H1 duplicates
  • Notices: title is too short

There are three very common website mistakes affecting SEO in 2020: technical, on-page SEO and crawlability. Should you wish to know how your website is faring, you can always run an SEO audit.

Check out the infographic below for more detail.

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In conclusion

The bottom bit of the above infographic highlights the most common SEO and website mistakes that you must avoid at all cost. Those issues can affect user engagement as well as website’s credibility and raking:

  • Links
  • Meta tags
  • Redirects
  • Indexing
  • Other errors (SSL certificate, URL is too long, etc).

A well-optimized website free of mistakes is crucial to a website’s success. Now that you know what are the most common website mistakes, you can work towards fixing them and prevent them in the future.

At Happy Shark Media, we can conduct a SEO audit of your website and work with you to improve your website’s SEO, backlink profile, authority and search result rankings.

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